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Wang Family Home

Wang Family Former Residence = Wáng Shì Gùjū = 王氏故居

Wang Family Home The Wang Residence
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Historically, Chinese society has held its scholars in high esteem. In ancient times, the way to advance oneself up the ranks of government was to study the classic literature. A system existed during several dynasties to test applicants on their knowledge before they could achieve a higher position.

Father and son Wang Nianshun (1744-1834) and Wang Yinzhi (1766-1834), were celebrated interpreters of classic literature during the Qing Dynasty. They were both masters in Confucian Classics and linguistics. Their home in Gaoyou has been preserved as a memorial to them.

Resource for “The Former Residence of the Wang Family”

A book available for purchase at the China Post office in Gaoyou, Gaoyou - A Famous Historical and Cultural City Author and publisher unknown